JERRY BLANK’s design career began in 1970 following a short tour of duty with the Army Corps of Engineers. With his BS in Industrial Design from San Jose State University, he started freelancing design assignments. It was just six months later that he had a staff. The Blank Design Group was born in Palo Alto, CA. The firm grew to fourteen employees— at that time, one of the largest design firms on the Peninsula. The firm served a wide variety of clients: high-tech, real estate, cosmetic, wine, BART, San Jose Mercury News and even a popsicle manufacturer.


In 1983, Blank moved the firm to San Jose and renamed the company The Blank Company. With introduction of computers to the design space, Blank was one of the first to pioneer digital illustration. The Blank Company continued serving high-tech, start-ups, banks, credit unions and web-based companies until 2000. Blank took a one- year sabbatical, moving to Paris, France to concentrate on fine art— painting. Returning in 2001, design and painting shared Jerry’s attention equally. In 2002, he moved to the Las Vegas area and began Bluestone Studio— a design firm concentrating on the needs of the Las Vegas market. Clients include: Lake Las Vegas, Casino Monte Lago, Ritz Carlton, Kennedy Tavern, Sedona, and Corrigan Investments. For a more complete list click below. Bluestone Studio stopped operating in 2008 when Blank focused entirely on painting.


Now Blank’s 40 plus years of design, marketing and branding experience is being manifested as BLANK DESIGN. Featuring state of the art contemporary design, personal service and hands-on consulting. BLANK DESIGN also works with Advertising and P/R firms who want a fresh approach to design. BLANK DESIGN has surrounded itself with experienced professionals: copywriters, marketing experts, web professionals, and production assistants to provide the design communications so vital in today’s market.


When you are searching for a partner to fulfill a vision, you’ll want someone who has the experience to understand your goals and has the expertise to create compelling images and messages that work.


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